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Klangraum, (German for “sound space”), has been producing film music for almost all formats in radio, TV and multimedia with a team of composers and musicians since 1985.

In addition to commissioned compositions, Klangraum also publishes CDs for libraries based on specific topics and moods for use in a wide variety of productions.

Great emphasis has always been placed on recorded music and for the last 15 years we’ve been recording in our own studio.

Years of collaboration with filmmakers, directors, editors and cutters has created a wealth of experience that we can bring to our music archive.

A diverse music library has been cataloged and is available to filmmakers.

There’s access to over 4000 music tracks in our Klangraum Online Library.

In addition to the usual tags for music searches based on categories such as mood, genre, or specific instruments etc., we also have more refined intuitive terms, such as “winking”, “bizarre” or “psychological”, to make it easier to find the right music!

We aim to solve filmmakers’ musical questions and problems quickly and simply.

Our library provides the highest standard of music, with a wide variety of genres and instrumentations, various versions of the tracks and with recordings by the best musicians.

All of the necessary data for an uncomplicated music registration are also included.

Every piece of music in the library is also on the relevant monitoring systems, so that a music entry works easily and reliably here, too.

The library also contains various titles by Klangraum that have been published by Universal Production Music and UBM Records.

So, with just one link you have the entire Klangraum Library at your disposal!

All composers for the Klangraum Library are members of GEMA (Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights).

If you have any questions about the Klangraum Library or are interested in Klangraum Music for a commissioned composition, please email .

The main site for our Klangraum Studio: www.klangraum.de

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